Which Eyebrow Tattoo method suits me the best?

  • Feathery Eyebrow: For natural, thin brows and ‘no make up’ look.
  • Foggy Gradient Eyebrow: Those with naturally thin brows and/or wants to achieve the appearance of light make up.
  • Foggy + Feathery: Perfectionists that wants a combination of both natural and intricate brow appearance. (Not suited for those with naturally thick brows.)
  • Color Correction: For those who’s had their brows tattooed years ago with old techniques, but now has red/blue color remaining on skin.

Hair Stroke/Feathering  Eyebrow

60 minutes | $498

-        Feathering Eyebrow, much like the name, has the appearance of feathery hair strokes. 
When done by experienced professionals, the strokes are very natural. After skin metabolism, 
the thin lines will fade and appear even more natural.
-        Pros & Cons: Very natural and beautiful, but due to natural skin metabolism, 
there may be parts that loses its colour and requires retouching.
-        Operation Method: Full manual needle blade by highly experienced technician.

Foggy Gradient Eyebrow*

75 minutes | $698

-        Foggy Gradient Eyebrow, a current make up trend in Korea. Its ‘foggy’ and blurry 
appearance mimics the effect that eyebrow powders achieve. This type of eyebrow tattoo will 
last around one to two years. Meaning that you only need to keep the brows trimmed once the 
tattoo is on.
-        Pros & Cons: The color is very even, but during the first week after tattoo, 
the brows will be very dark and thick.
-        Operation Method, There are lots of technic requirements for foggy gradient type 
eyebrows. The technician needs to have high embroidery and make up foundation skills. 
The process takes much longer as well, hence why the price is higher.

Feathering + Foggy

(Two separate sessions)*

150 minutes | $798

Colour Correction

100 minutes | $298

Natural Eyeliner Tattoo*

70 minutes | $498

Hair Line Tattoo

60 minutes | From $400

Beauty Spot

30 minutes | $100